THE CHATTER®, a monthly publication, offers advertisers an attractive, affordable alternative to the daily newspaper. Its companion website is a community  website offering additional ad space and online exposure, plus a music format… MY KOOL FM, playing the Classic Hits of the Rock’n 70’s & More!

Bundled together, THE CHATTER® Network offers an unique multi-media marketing strategy and a whole new revenue stream for any radio station, PLUS, an unparalleled public relations tool, as well!

Owning THE CHATTER® newspaper publishing operation is an opportunity for any radio station to promote itself and expand monthly ad revenue. Similar to a newspaper franchise, THE CHATTER® is a publishing opportunity without the franchise expense of royalties. You are a licensee of THE CHATTER® and never pay a percentage of your gross revenue to our Main Office. While your readers are waiting at a restaurant or a service station, you simply provide the local information and light-hearted jokes and trivia ~ “the fun stuff to keep them entertained!”

Working from your current broadcast facility, there’s no extra overhead costs. You have an office printer and staff to print the publication each week. Your sales team sells the ads and distributes the publication each week to their clients, and you earn the high yield on investment! These are just a few of the benefits of becoming THE CHATTER® owner for your market area. THE CHATTER® allows your station to build additional ad revenue through a publishing concept that will be well received in your community. When you become THE CHATTER®  Publisher for your market area,  you become part of THE CHATTER® family.

THE CHATTER® publishing system has a 15 year proven track record. Our experience shows that the part of publishing that requires the greatest amount of time is the research, writing and editing, and designing each issue. THE CHATTER® Network does all that for you:  provides all the fun, non-controversial  content for the publication and website, creates the layouts, streams the music, designs all the ad graphics, daily updates the website, even creates a special promotional kit just for your local market area! Everything is sent to you ready to print and deliver, thus eliminating the need for Chatter publishers to hire extra employees. Chatter publishers deal with the part of their paper that makes them money – ad sales! All you have to do is SELL the ad space in THE CHATTER publication and on the website!

This combination of the print publication and online exposure really works. Everyone loves THE CHATTER®! Your readers will be looking for entertainment and great deals happening in your area. Basically they are looking for your advertisers! There’s about 8 minutes of light reading on both, so there’s lots of time for readers to see all the ads. And your station is what helps them get connected!

Get the right media exposure for your station and your ad clients!  Be the conduit to help  connect your readers to your local ad clients and the products and services they provide.

Call today and team up with THE CHATTER® Network before your competition does! Let your station generate that  extra revenue each month while you help drive new customers right to your door!  PLUS, great exposure in the community for YOU and your advertisers!