Monday, June 24, 2024


Want to help promote your local business community and help reinforce a strong local economy?  THE CHATTER® is the ultimate in local multi-media marketing that supports small to medium businesses and promotes “hometown pride.” Its got a proven 15 year track record and it’s available right now for YOUR market area!

THE CHATTER is a little publication that lives up to its name–full of local information, jokes, trivia, and funny content appealing to all demographics. The publication is delivered free of charge to restaurants, coffee shops, and any business where people gather.  THE CHATTER provides the fun, light-hearted entertainment as they wait!  Its companion website is a community  website offering additional ad space and online exposure, plus a music format… MY KOOL FM, playing the Classic Hits of the Rock’n 70’s & More!

Bundled together, THE CHATTER® and THE CHATTER website offer any Affiliate, not one, but TWO whole NEW revenue streams!  Both have lots of ad space just waiting to be sold  and, THE CHATTER Network offers its Affiliates the exclusive right to publish and to distribute THE CHATTER within its designated territory! And what an unparalleled public relations tool, as well!

Businesses are always looking for any affordable, effective way to promote their products and services, so it’ll take little effort to sell the ad space!

THE CHATTER Network makes it easy! Most of the work is done by the Network for you!  THE CHATTER Network provides the fun, non-controversial content for both the publication and website; coordinates and prepares the publication layouts; even creates a special promotional kit just for your local market area!  The Network even can do the graphic design for your ads! A template of your publication is emailed to you ready to print and distribute around town.  THE CHATTER makes the whole process so simple.  You sell the ad space and then print and deliver. THE CHATTER Network does the rest!

There’s minimal up-front costs, and almost immediate cash flow. There’s no extra overhead costs, no expensive equipment or software to buy.  There’s also no excessive printing costs! The publication layout makes it easy to print on 8 1/2 inch x 14 inch legal white paper using any office printer! 

 Everyone loves THE CHATTER®! Your readers will be looking for entertainment and great deals happening in your area. So, basically, THE CHATTER readers will be looking for YOUR advertisers! There’s about 8 minutes of light reading on both the publication and the website, so there’s lots of time for THE CHATTER  readers to see all the ads. And it will be you that will bring them together!

Connect THE CHATTER readers to your community and its local businesses! You can be the conduit to help  connect CHATTER readers to your advertisers and the products and services they provide.

Call today and team up with THE CHATTER® Network! You can generate that  extra revenue each month while you help drive new customers right to your advertisers doorstep!  With your whole community working together, EVERYONE BENEFITS!